No Bones Jones was made for the Queensland Department of Seniors as a part of their B.O.L.D initiative in 2019.  We took characters from a feature script written by Peter Blackburn and adapted their story to fit the initiatives brief that required films that “challenged the stereotype of aging”.


Moe “No bones” Jones has always been a music man. Now that he is older he started to feel that his time had passed. That is until his granddaughter Jess is looking at performing herself. Jess has her own challenges in life to get past. This is the catalyst to get Moe back on track, to reinvigorate the philosophy he has always lived by “You don’t get old and stop, you stop and get old.”



Written and Directed by Peter Blackburn “No Bones Jones” stars country music legend Allan Caswell & talented singer/song writing newcomer Cassi Marie.

We wanted music to be a key part of our film so when making a decision around casting we looked at real musicians and performers so that an authentic approach was taken to creating music for the film. As it turned out Allan Caswell had the perfect song already up his sleeve written with Keith Potger, “Taken by the wind”. The song plays well as a duet for Allan and Cassi.


Our decision to cast Cassi Marie in the role of Jess was based again on her ability to perform musically. The role required her to record a version of “Taken by the wind” with Alan in preparation for the shoot. Cassi is an extremely talented singer/songwriter and has recently recorded her first EP with Bill Chambers.


Writer/Director: Peter Blackburn

Producer: Graham Young

1st AD: Jason Fitzgerald

Director of Photography: Brian Lowe

Steadycam Operator: David Apony

2nd Assistant Camera: Kine Galten

Art Director: Sian Laycock

Art Assistant: Emma Louise-Clinton

Hair/Make Up: Taylor Scott

Gaffer: Rob Norton

Sound Recordist: Joel Hodgkinson

Runner: James Williams

2nd AD: Belinda Nick

Extras Casting: Caitlin Johnston

Editor/Sound Design: Graham Young